ElevatED4SC is a video podcast that shares stories of true transformation of the public education system in South Carolina. As assistant producer and graphic designer of the podcast, my work includes creating all branding and graphics, building the website, managing our social media accounts, podcasting sites and YouTube channel. I also work on script writing, blog and press release copyediting, and assist with editing the final episodes.
Noisy Wings
Noisy Wings, a local Columbia restaurant, needed an updated website. For a class project, I coded a single-scroll site using CSS and HTML. I designed thewebsite mobile-first. The design is bright and fun to go with the Noisy Wings logo. I shot the main image for the site. Easy, sticky navigation makes the site simple to browse. The menu is very long, as the restaurant has 50+ flavors of wings, but with links within the menu it becomes easy to navigate.

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