Keep Your Drink Safe - Daily Gamecock
Infographic created to support and bring additional information to a Daily Gamecock article. The illustration of the red plastic cup and bright yet sophisticated colors work together to attract the target audience of college students.
These infographics were created for the organization ALL4SC, taking large amounts of academic information and translating into simple to digest graphics. 
Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve
A call to action post created to encourage the public to support preservation efforts for Lewis Ocean Bay, located in Horry County, with a minimalistic map I created to illustrate how close the proposed hospital site is to the preserve.
Hurricane Go-Bag - Daily Gamecock
An infographic created for the Daily Gamecock newsletter that reaches the entire student body and faculty. The illustration uses bright blue and white to add a minimalistic effect on the items, while the green adds a nice contrasting touch. The type adheres to the Daily Gamecock brand.
Hootie Poster
Data visualization poster created to promote the band’s Spring 2019 tour. The band is a large part of Columbia’s culture, as the band began here in S.C. The photo in the background is of a section of the band’s sculpture in downtown Columbia, and it was used to create leading lines throughout the piece.

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