Type Posters
The purpose of this project was to showcase the unique qualities of the typeface Avenir. The informational poster highlights one of the most recognizable features of the font, the two-storied lowercase “a.” The contrast of the soft, curved lowercase letter form with the strictly geometric uppercase “A” clearly show how the typeface is both geometric yet humanist. The second poster is conceptual, illustrating movement into the future of type with leading lines. 
Marsh Grass Margins
For my Honors College senior thesis, I completed a series of paintings of marsh textures and placed them into a zine. To create these paintings, I collected pluff mud which I dried and ground into sand to use as paint. The choice to use sand from the source of the paintings invites the viewer to consider each individual grain as part of a larger network that sustains life within the mud itself and in the waters surrounding it. Spartina grass, one of the few plants able to grow in the saltwater marsh, acts as the beginning of the food chain once it dies back each fall, as it nourishes zooplankton, shellfish, snails, and more. Therefore, pluff mud is extremely critical to all life in the marsh, and each piece of mud, or grain of sand from the mud, has a history of many living beings. By painting with these sands, I am able to contextualize my work and represent the history and importance behind the images we see. The zine is used as a home for my work as well as to provide information about marsh importance and preservation.

You can view the project website here, and a digital version of the project here
InterCom Spread
InterCom, the UofSC School of Journalism’s alumni magazine, featured my article on the cover of its Spring/Summer 2019 issue. The target audience is all alumni from the journalism school, reaching recent graduates to those already retired. I designed this spread using a grid after writing the piece about Charleston’s poet laureate, Marcus Amaker. I kept the style clean and minimal, in order to highlight the interview text.
Report: The Future of the SC Teaching Profession
This report, published by USC's College of Education and ALL4SC, explores how the teaching profession can and should evolve to tackle the teacher shortage issue in SC. I designed the report along with a highlights version and several briefs, and contributed to copyediting in all as well. View the full report and its highlights now.

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